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Cunningham & Cunningham

Sandy Lopez

Accounting Manager

Cunningham & Cunningham

Years With Cunningham & Cunningham

  • 12 Years


  • Orange County Community College

About Me

  • I have ridden horses before but only for fun - trail riding. I applied for the bookkeeping position Cunningham & Cunningham had available. I had no idea how immense the industry was.

Favorite Horse of All Time

  • Dewaycheatunmhowe

Why I Love Working for Cunningham &


  • From day 1 they treated me like I was a part of their family. It always felt like home. We are very close and truly care for one another. This is something very rare. When you find something like this you cherish it and protect it. I have learned a lot about the business and life in general. Every day is different and it is a constant adventure. I love my job and the ability to work with people I love is a blessing.

Cunningham & Cunningham
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