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Umbrella Policy

Even though you already have liability insurance, an Umbrella policy may be essential to protect you from a large catastrophic loss. In today’s litigious society court awarded damages continue to rise dramatically. Our Umbrella provides excess coverage over and above the limits of your other liability policy or policies. So if your liability limit is used up, your Umbrella policy will take over and continue to pay for damages you are legally required to pay up to the limit of the Umbrella policy itself which could range from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000. The Umbrella policy does not take the place of any of your existing liability coverage. It merely gives you added coverage on top of those existing policies. The Umbrella policy is especially important for those individuals, partnerships or corporations that have large financial investments at stake in their horse operation. Typically, your Umbrella policy will give you excess liability protection on top of your general liability, personal liability, automobile liability and employers liability policies. In certain situations you may have need of excess liability protection over boats or other pleasure craft that you own.


We Got You Covered

The Umbrella policy will cover you when a person is injured or property damaged as a result of your farm or horse operations subject to the exclusions in the underlying policies and your Umbrella policy.

Conditions & Exclusions

Certain exclusions and limitations apply to the Umbrella policy so please refer to the policy itself for more information. This material is not the policy itself and it is designed only to describe its contents. It is important to discuss all the coverage provided and exclusions contained in the policy with your agent before purchasing any insurance plan.

Hose Owners Liabillity Quote
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