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Equine Mortality

Full Mortality– Mortality Insurance is a “life insurance” policy for your horse, with the owner of the horse the beneficiary.

Full Mortality

There Are 2 Types of this Coverage  

1) Specified Perils and 2) All Risk or Full Mortality Coverage

Specified Perils

Specified Perils (Fire, Lightning, Transportation, and Windstorm) coverage starts as soon as coverage is bound.  An examination of the horse is not required. It does NOT cover the most frequent causes of death – colic, other sicknesses, diseases or injuries.

Other Coverages Available Include But Not Limited To:

  • Prospective Foal

  • Stallion Availability

  • Stallion Permanent Disability

  • NG Season Conversion

  • Transit

  • First Season Infertility

  • Loss of Use

If you are interested in any of these additional coverages, please select the specified coverage in the Equine Mortality Quote Form and we will include it in your official quote.

Full Mortality Cont.

Full Mortality coverage provides coverage against death from all risks, subject to exclusions, occurring during the policy period.

For horses with values over US $50,000, this coverage cannot begin without an acceptable vet certificate, as deemed by the Insurance Carrier.  Horses under that amount would need a signed Statement of Health from the principle caregiver of the horse.

For horses bought at public auction and bound by the carrier for “Fall of the Hammer”, a vet exam is not needed.  Reason being that Underwriters feel that the owners have already done a “pre-purchase” exam of the horse at the sale, which generally is more detailed than a standard insurance exam.

These policies are annual policies, but can be written for a longer period should the Underwriter deem it necessary.

Certificate of Health Form

If Needed, Upload Below

Equine Mortality Quote
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